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Predictive Management is a global leader in market research and competitive analysis for international sectors, trends and products.

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Predictive Management offers professional insight into market demand trends and how to reach market success. As a preeminent market research and competitive intelligence agency, our unique analysis of consumer demands, markets, trends, benchmarks, products and general competitive landscapes provides a detailed perspective on local and global market areas. Our experienced business consultants and access to critical information derived from cutting-edge technology makes us a world-class team of researchers and analysts.

Since our founding, expert data-gathering and sector analytics have enabled our clients to understand their market advantages and disadvantages and ultimately make smarter business decisions. Our exclusive market insights are what put us at the forefront of our industry. From redefining analytics to offering new perspectives on consumer landscapes, we help companies define a structured roadmap to navigate their sector challenges.

Our Values

Our values shape our service offering, client service and team work, helping our clients grow their businesses and strategies.


We collaborate with our clients on a deeper level, taking the time to truly understand their specific needs and areas for growth though direct conversations and acute analysis.


Our innovative research methods and intelligence gathering push the boundaries of traditional techniques, making us the most creative market research firm in the business.


We make sure our clients understand our process, our goals and our results. We guide our clients through each project from start to finish and are available to answer any questions they may have.


We are proactive, results-orientated and take responsibility for the outcome of each project engage in. Through multi-faceted engagement with our clients, we continue to surpass their expectations on every level.

Our Clients




Market Research

Comprehensive market research is the backbone of our services and a key element in developing a concrete strategy for market entry or market expansion. Our market analysts are experts in diving deep into industry, government and trade data, extracting the most valuable statistics relevant to our client.
This data is passed to our compilation team who integrates the insights into accurate sizing models and value forecasting scenarios for the applicable sectors and consumer patterns. We are then able to determine how the market is growing, where it is headed and how our client can become a market leader. Our fundamental combination of market research with analysis generates unique insights to support our clients’ most pressing needs.


Competitive Intelligence

Collecting competitive intelligence is one way that we keep our clients at the head of their sector and gain a significant competitive edge. We focus on understanding competitor strategies and campaign results in thousands of channels and markets. Our competitor profiles are designed to facilitate comparisons and benchmark figures, measuring strengths and advantages (SWOT) across the board. We analyse company numbers, marketing strategies, market presence, recent developments, product information, and key financial figures to a full picture of what our client faces.



Our benchmarking tools help our clients directly and indirectly compare their performance to related companies by measuring the quality, effect, reach, time and cost of business processes. We appraise various aspects of your company’s key processes and organise peer and group evaluation sessions to determine how well your company is doing and identify specific ways to improve your practices. These findings allow us to develop a plan to enact improvements or adapt specific practices to increase performance and results.



Our trend analysts are masters in tracking, analysing and interpreting trends and customer behaviour, helping our clients understand significant changes in markets, consumer culture and brand desirability. This information provides a deeper understanding of their clientele and helps our clients target their consumers more effectively and cost-efficiently. Predictive Management identifies the connection between consumer trends and their behaviour, creating a clear context for the consumer data that interests you most.


Market Areas

The breadth of our industry and market research is unparalleled. Predictive Management market analysts help executives, sales departments, shareholders, investors and growth professionals determine the best business, commercial and operational strategies for their organisation. We work in the following market areas:





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